SEO How to Optimize Content for Search Engine

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SEO Basics: The Big Five

1. Quality Content

Garbage in, garbage out. Google is smarter than we often give it credit for; and it knows when we’re churning out poor content as opposed to great content. Always look to produce quality before you do anything else.

2. A Speedy Site

This is where search engine optimization can become tricky. If you have poor hosting or a page that loads slowly, your ranking will suffer . . .The best way to resolve this? Perform a site audit and determine whether there are any technical SEO issues dragging you down. I recommend using SEMRush, which provides a fantastic all-in-one auditing tool.

3. Solid Focus Keywords

For every piece of content you create, keyword research is extremely important. All in all, you want to choose keywords that have a decent number of monthly average searches at low (medium, at worst) competition. Google Adwords provides a basic keyword planner tool for free. Sign up today and start using it!

4. Well-Crafted Meta Tags

Meta descriptions are often overlooked, but they’re critical to your SEO success. Meta tags have a character limit of 300, so look to create relevant, eye-catching descriptions that fall between 250–300 characters. Oh, and remember to include your focus keyword!

5. Link, Links, Links!

Links help you establish authority. So whether you’re linking out to another publisher or including backlinks to some of your own content, doing so will boost your ranking by leaps and bounds. It also helps for other publishers to link to you.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert right from the jump. Instead, start with these SEO basics. With these five tips, you have more than enough to start laying the foundations that will help your content rank in search engines, over time.

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